Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A Sprung Class 37

The beginnings - Bachmann loco and Penbits conversion kit.

It's quite odd sometimes how you can be so up for doing something, so enthused and raring to go up until the point at which you sit down, things waiting in front of you and then you just seem have absolutely no will to do any of it. I don't know why others have similar 'modellers` block' but with me this mind set but I know with me it can be much further reaching than simply not be arsed with modelling! How enthused I am with things like this, is certainly reflected with my general mood. So with a bit of a lull over the last couple of weeks, I really wanted to crack on with something. Anything. The long running brake vans came out their box and with sod all progress made during a full evening, they went back again.

The  exquisite brake gear etchings - this is top end stuff!

I'd been saving my next Penbits conversion for some time - I'm not sure why really. Maybe I wanted to try and give it the time I felt needed and deserved. Maybe it's a bit like building up to watching a DVD of a film you've been told is really great and you want to watch it without disturbances. However, you can end up setting things up to be quite a disappointment if you're not too careful! Not that Penbit's products disappoint in any shape or form! But it has given me a nice bit of enthusiasm now that I've finally started it - hopefully this can build on the success of my class 25.

The bearing carriers - these are really at the heart of the system. They're fabricated from turned bearings and etched parts. With care, they go together very nicely and they work very well indeed.

Today saw a decent start made with the bearing carriers - a neat little etch for each one, combined with a turned bearing. Sorted with very little fuss. Follow the instructions and the result should be spot on. And the class 37 etchings are just as good as those I had for the class 25 - there are just a lot more bits! And this is the only problem with diesel modelling - there's a fair bit of repetition to cater for to identical ends of the loco.

The 'bogie subframe' around which the suspension is based around. The similarity with a conventional etched steam loco chassis maybe noted. So if you're used to building, or have built, something similar then you really should have no problems with this.

The choice of loco will retain the Bachmann identity - it fits in well with West Halton and avoids having to touch the paintwork too much!


  1. Realy good blog.
    Fantastics posts.
    I am a french enthousiast british railways modeler and i like your blog very weel.

    1. Thank you Alain!

      I'm very pleased you like my blog - I hope it continues to interest you!